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Sub Defense

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TAP OUT MUCH LESS OFTEN WITH THE GRAPPLEARTS SUBMISSION DEFENSE APPGrapplearts Submission Defense is the first app dedicated to helping you NOT tap out to submissions on the ground. Learn how to prevent, defend and escape even the most powerful submissions.
Stephan Kesting is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu blackbelt, an instructor in Combat Submission Grappling, and has over 30 years of experience in the martial arts. He also operates, one of the most respected grappling sites on the web.
Grapplearts Submission Defense includes:
* 36 Submission Defenses and Escapes, broken down into easy-to-follow steps. Become 300% harder to tap by learning the 3 levels at which every submission can be countered.
* 24 additional 'Key Points' videos, taking you through the advanced aspects of the submission defenses to make them truly effective.
* Principles and concepts to make the techniques easy to learn, and tricks that allow you to escape and turn the tables on your opponent even for the most powerful submissions.
* All the material is shot in high definition video and professionally edited so it looks great on your Android phone or tablet.
*This app is self-contained: once you download it you do NOT need an internet connection to view the step-by-step techniques or the detail menus
* This is a universal app, which means that it works on both your phone and your tablet - you don't need to buy different versions for each type of device
* SPECIAL BONUS: Purchase of this app also entitles you to receive a lesson on shutting down your opponent's offense from the guard from the Black Belt Grappling Concepts Course. entirely for free!
1. Armbar from Guard: Awareness and Prevention 2. Armbar from Guard: Lion Kill Defense 3. Armbar form Guard: Ninja Star Escape 4. Armbar from Top: Awareness and Prevention 5. Armbar from Top: Clear & Bridge Counter 6. Armbar from Top: Hitchhiker Escape 7. Triangle Choke: Awareness and Prevention 8. Triangle Choke: Stack and Spin Escape 9. Triangle Choke: Foot in Armpit Escape 10. Omoplata: Awareness and Prevention 11. Omoplata: Cartwheel Escape 12. Omoplata: Rolling Counter 13. Guillotine Choke: Awareness and Prevention 14. Guillotine Choke: Run Around Counter 15. Guillotine Choke: Arm Over Shoujlder Escape 16. Arm Triangle Choke: Awareness and Prevention 17. Arm Triangle Choke: Reguarding Counter 18. Arm Triangle Choke: Leg Grab Counter 19. Rear Naked Choke: Awareness and Prevention 20. Rear Naked Choke: Block and Slide Counter 21. Rear Naked Choke: Unwrapping the RNC 22. Americana Armlock: Awareness and Prevention 23. Americana Armlock: Elbow Push Counter 24. Americana Armlock: Straight Arm and Spin 25. Kimura from Guard: Awareness and Prevention 26. Kimura from Guard: Taking the Back Counter 27. Kimura from Guard: Hand Sandwich Counter 28. Kimura Shoulderlock: Awareness and Prevention 29. Kimura Shoulderlock: Half Guard Defense 30. Kimura Shoulderlock: Grip Strip Counter 31. Kneebar: Awareness and Prevention 31. Kneebar: Triangle and Crossface 33. Kneebar: Leg Pry Escape 34. Straight Footlock: Awareness and Prevention 35. Straight Footlock: Standup Counter 36. Straight Footlock: Hip Hop Counter